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Here you will find some software for your Mac running OS X.
- Have fun -



Animates the background of your desktop by letting you chose a screensaver as desktop background. Thanks again to Merlin for his contribution to this small software collection.

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Desktop Picture Timer

Changes the background of your desktop at a defined time to a defined picture.

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MAC Info 2

Typing the MAC-adress of your ethernet card shows you its vendor.

click -> CAUGHT IN THE ACT <- click

..: DOWNLOAD (~225 kb) :..



This tool puts a little item in your menu bar. If you click on it Finder and its menus will be activated. Example: if you are surfing the internet and download a file you can press FinderTop's button and immediatly use the Finder's "Go to ..." menu to reach your downloaded file without having to switch to the the Finder. The tool is comparable to Windows' "Show Desktop" button.

..: DOWNLOAD (~25 kb) :..


World IP

"World IP" shows you the location of a given IP adresses on an OpenGL world model. Have a look at the screenshots.

click -> CAUGHT IN THE ACT <- click

If you like it, do not hesitate to honor me ;-) I just want to say: it is DonationWare. Have fun.


..: DOWNLOAD (~ 460 kb) :..


DBox Commander 3

With DBox Commander 3 you can watch the TV program from your DBox on your Macintosh. See all your bouquets, channels, program infos in a nice cocoa application and control your DBox from your Mac. With the newest version you can also record with a timer. Just double click on the program and it will be added to the timerlist in the sidebar.

- switch between single/all languages (reduces the load because the DBox has just a 10MBit ethernet card)
- switch between summer/wintertime
- direct start of recording by double click the channel
- add to timerlist by double clicking on the program (the saved filename will be the name of the program you record)
- specify the maximum record filesize to prevent the harddisc to fill up to the top
- DBox time in the window
- EPG information for all channel


click -> CAUGHT IN THE ACT <- click

System requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
- DBox with Linux installed (Neutrino)
- Mac with G3 800 Mhz should be fast enough
- installed VLC (the best movieplayer) see Macupdate



..: DOWNLOAD - universal (~ 200 kb) :..



Go and get my little programm. It will play a sound when a user logs in or out (ssh, telnet, remote, ftp, system). It is a menu item so it won't bother you with open windows. On one click it will show you IP, login time and even more... Take a look at the screenshots:

click -> #1 <- click


click -> #2 <- click

System Requirements:
1) You will have to use Mac OS X 10.1.5 or greater (incl. Jaguar and Panther). Maybe it will also work on 10.1.x - I don't know. Tell me...
2) Installed BSD subsystem
3) Installed Java2 1.3 or higher (it is included in the standard OS X installation, don't worry)

This tool is email-ware so try and send me an email if you use it regularly.



Greetz to Merlin for this great idea.

..: DOWNLOAD (~ 400 kb) :..



You all know that little Minesweeper game. CocoaMiner is my friend Merlin's version for MacOS X written in Objective-C for your pleasure. Be sure to take a look at the sreenshots: You won't be able to resist...

click -> Screenshot <- click

System Requirements: You will have to use at least Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar.

This tool is email-ware so try and send me an email if you use it regularly.


..: DOWNLOAD (~ 150 kb) :..



This app wakes computers from sleep. It doesn't matter if the computer is on your LAN or on the other side of the world (reachable via internet). If the machine is behind a router UDP port 9 has to be forwarded to the machine to be disturbed in its dreams.

..: Cocoa-Version (with GUI) (~270 kb) :..

..: x86-Version (command line version für Unix/Linux type systems) (~ 7 kb) :..

..: sources (~ 2 kb) :..


Before you start: I can not guarantee that these programs won't kill your system or even your computer. Most likely they won't do so. At least they have never done any harm to me, my computer or my system.


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